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What is Concilium?

Concilium is a multi-faceted Christian organization committed to making disciples who will make disciples and empowering Christian expatriates and travelers to live securely in the context of ministry and humanitarian work. 



Concilium's Mission  

Concilium’s mission is to build capacity and resilience into Gospel advance so others may hear ... and live.


Concilium's Vision

Concilium's vision is to see Christians of all ages engaged in serving the Lord with boldness, legitimacy, and competency.




Concilium provides leadership and guidance to Christian churches, ministries, and NGOs. Concilium transforms the way these organizations think about and respond to the varied challenges of ministry and service in the 21st Century.  This change is accomplished through promoting a biblical understanding of best practices in security and risk management, as well as how to think strategically about Gospel advance.  


Moreover, Concilium seeks to challenge Christians of all ages to aspire to something more:  a call to spiritual maturity that empowers resilience in their personal witness and wisdom in their testimony.  Thus, those we mentor and train are empowered to live their lives defined by their identity in Christ, which in turn defines the actions they take to serve Him.


We believe Great Commission pursuit should flow from Greatest Commandment obedience. 









More and more Christian organizations are seeing security training as a way to protect their personnel as they serve.  


Concilium teaches and practices risk management and security from a biblical perspective.  We teach a unique set of principles and skills that influence the culture, structures, and mechanisms of security in organizations that truly empower both boldness and resilience in organizations and their personnel.  Thus Concilium's training uses security to enhance Great Commission obedience rather than hinder it.  


As to expertise, Concilium utilizes experts from multiple fields and backgrounds to train and equip current and future Christian workers to live securely in the context of ministry as they manage the realities and risks associated with making disciples, planting churches,  and   responding  to natural and man-made disasters.


Additionally, when opportunities arise, Concilium leads teams of volunteers to work and learn alongside Christian mision and humanitarian organizations, thereby further serving our partners and our Lord while spreading the vision for service to the previously uninitiated.






Concilium takes the work of the Watchman in Ezekiel 33:1-6 very seriously.  In this role, our watchmen are are constantly collecting, producing, and disseminating real-time security information, open-source intelligence analysis, and complex humanitarian emergency (CHE) best practices to our personnel and constitutents in the greater faith-based community.


Moreover, Concilium regularly hosts and coordinates security working groups composed of leaders from more than 50 sending agecies, helping them to collaborate and understand the threats facing their organizations and their personnel.  

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