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CAST (Concilium Advanced Security Training) is a 2-day course that focuses on threat assessment, abatement, and mitigation.  CAST provides primary safety and security skills for individuals and teams in the field, including team members, spouses, adolescents, and mature children.


In addition to interactive classroom training, CAST adds hands-on experiential learning that teaches students first-hand techniques for mitigating and abating crime through stress inoculation role play.  Finally, through the CAST program, students personally learn about the ethical decision making process while under duress through unique and proprietary role play opportunities.


The training covers the following areas:


  • Understanding Theology of Risk

  • Living Personal Security in the Context of Ministry

  • Understanding, Identification, and Abatement of Personal Threats

  • Hostile Observation Awareness and Surveillance Detection Primer

  • Answering Questions: Dealing with Interviews, Screenings, and Interrogations

  • Dealing with Violence in the Vehicle

  • OODA, Accountability, and Ethical Decision Making While Under Duress (Role Play)


CAST-Field Security Course is a 3.5-day course that includes the entire CAST Program and integrates hands-on field training with the following emphases: 


  • Hostage Survival

  • Immediate Action Drills

  • Evasive/Defensive Driver Training 

  • Weapons Familiarization and Safety Training (for purposes of rendering common weapons safe)

  • 10-hour Government/Criminal Immersion Experience


"Stress inoculation training taught me how to process my feelings and better react to threats."


CAST, Australia, 2016


"Concilium's understanding of theology and security is woven completely through this training.  I can better understand how my calling to serve is both guided and strengthened through theology of risk and solid biblical security practices."


CAST, Northern Mexico, 2016


"I thought I understood what it mean to 'count the cost' from studying this in church.  But having my son here in the role play training really brought it home and I can really say I better understand what it means to count the cost in our ministry service."


CAST-FSC, North Texas, 2016

"The Concilium staff did an outstanding job with our three-day seminar in Uganda. I believe their input into the lives and planning of our personnel will enable them to be as proactive as possible in their personal and team security. The most excellent presentation regarding 'security in the context of ministry' was alone worth the price of admission. I'm sure the role-playing scenarios Concilium put our folks through, in addition to the tips on how to perform defensive driving, will instill much confidence in them when and if the time arrives when such skills are demanded. I want to highly recommend the services and ministry of Concilium to any and all other groups."


CAST, Uganda, 2014


"I've heard more good Bible teaching in this security class than in many of the churches I've attended lately."


CAST-FSC, North Texas, 2016


"Stress inoculation allowed me to get to know myself more and how I would react in certain situations.  I was able to see where I am vulnerable and identify some things I need to think through."


CAST, North Carolina, 2016



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