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This seminar provides crisis management program development. It includes training on developing crisis policies, procedures, and programming. Excelsior also provides table-top exercises for organizational staff at home and abroad who manage organizational crises.


Training Can Include:


Coaching on Developing a Risk Management Policy Manual

  • Creating an organization’s framework for crisis management procedures

  • Identifying an organization’s duty of care for its members


Creation of a Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM)

  • A process for quickly gauging and quantifying risk


Creation of Emergency Action Plans (EAPs)

  • Field driven plans for responding to ‘likely’ incidents


Using the Crisis Manual and EAPs in a Crisis

  • How to correctly employ these tools in a crisis


Crisis Communications and Liaisons/Touch Points

  • Domestic and foreign media

  • Domestic and foreign governments/law enforcement

  • Domestic and foreign militaries

  • Staff families


Engaging Crisis Consultants and Hostage Negotiators

  • Finding the right experts for the job at hand


Table-Top Exercises

  • EXCELSIOR offers clients a table-top exercise that can last from several hours to several days. This exercise includes interactive role plays simulating interaction with various players and actors in a crisis including (but not limited to): FBI, State Department, Family Members, Seconded Organizations, Hostage Takers, Foreign Governments, Insurance Providers, etc.


"Excelsior crisis management training was exactly what our team needed for the location we were assigned to.  It was contextual, practical, involved the whole family, and contained several "most likely" scenarios.  Our team was more prepared to live in a tough location and more confident that we had a plan if a crisis were to occur."


Excelsior, Nairobi, 2015

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