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Concilium's Secure program sharpens like-minded organizations and individuals.


We offer the following courses: 2-day CAST (Concilium Advanced Security Training), 3-day CAST-Field Security Course, 1-day TSO (Travel Safety Orientation), and Excelsior (Crisis Management Development and Training).


To request a full copy of our course descriptions, training modules, and learning outcomes; locations; scheduling; and pricing; please write to


Every Concilium course begins by developing the biblical foundation (basis and rationale) for security within the context of Gospel advance.  The cornerstone of this foundation is understanding the theology of risk (why the Gospel mandates risk) as well as Jesus' mandate for personal secuirty in light of those risks.  Building on theology of risk, Security in the Context of Ministry (SICM) develops the biblical mandate for an organizational security apparatus where the Gospel is the highest value and the safety of the Gospel worker is the highest priority.  This section helps Gospel workers understand that, while Gospel advance requires risk as part of obedience, God has defined a process for both gauging and taking risks in the work of global Gospel advance.


What our Trainees are Saying

"Our team went from not really thinking much about security to feeling very confident we could respond well in our most probable emergency or security situations.  The Concilium team did a great job of working with us, our kids, contextualizing the training for our region of the world, and giving us many practical tips and practices that moved our learning curve up months if not years. Fantastic training, hands on, highly recommended!"


CAST, Northwest Arkansas, 2014


"Thank you for keeping it Christ-focused.  You spoke truth with grace.  You did not downplay the threats (evil) that we face, but you presented them with a Biblical focus.  Your love for God is very evident.  You made 'counting the cost' of obedience very real. Thanks for teaching us practical ways to be 'shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.'"


CAST-FSC, North Texas, 2016


"You have given us tools to take risks for the Gospel and to decrease our vulnerability.  That kind of training empowers the Great Commission."


CAST, Northern Mexico, 2016


"This is the only security training that really brings together the biblical rationale for security in missions."


CAST, North Carolina, 2016


"I wasn't anticipating that you would come and actually minister to us through security training."


CAST, London, 2016


"I am a teacher and was so impressed by how your instructors teach principles of security [over methods of security].  That impacted me as a teacher and reminds me that I need to do the same."


CAST, Northern Mexico, 2016


"[Concilium's] trainers don't recite material; they speak from experience through the material.  They can go off script and bring relevant stories with great application!"


CAST, Bosnia, 2016


"The training was a gift not just to me, but to my family."


CAST, North Carolina, 2016

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