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From its foundtaion, Concilum has been committed to helping the most vulnerable in natural disasters, political strife, and conflict.  It is at these times that innocent populations often become entangled in struggles for daily existence.  From Nepal to Iraq, Concilium Serve has been committed to helping those most vulnerable to gain access to health, nutrition, sanitation, and clean water.  Concilium knows first hand that the challenges of life are only made more complex when disasters involve a large geographic area or multiple people groups in a region.  The United Nations characterizes these events as complex humanitarian emergencies (CHEs).  Concilium sees these events as away to be the hands of feet of Jesus to those most in need, regardless of their faith or worldview. 


Concilium serves those working to fulfill the Great Commission and bring spiritual and physical healing to the impoverished, oppressed, and persecuted. 


Therefore, when opportunities arise, Concilium trains and deploys teams of volunteers to work and learn alongside Christian humanitarian organizations, thereby further serving our partners and our Lord while allowing those new to disaster relief and development to receive hands-on instruction in CHEs. 


To support the work of organizations in CHEs, Concilium supports US and international Christian ministries, NGOs, and educational institutions in the areas of humanitarian development, crisis response, peacemaking, and the protection of aid workers and staff involved in complex humanitarian and developmental initiatives.


Apart from its ministry with CHEs, Concilium influences, informs, trains, and resources college students, missionaries, aid workers, and other leaders with knowledge, skills, and understanding that develop individual capacity for service in CHEs.  Additionally, Concilium works with Christian mission agencies, NGOs, schools of higher learning, and key government agencies to develop organizational capacity and resilience in complex humanitarian and security emergencies.  Concilium does this by providing practical life-saving skills, advice, resources, and support that helps humanitarian actors prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural and man-made threats that put these personnel at risk in their daily work. 


Most of all, Concilium’s work benefits those most vulnerable in the world’s CHEs regardless of ethnic background, political affiliation, or religious belief.

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