A Note From Our President:

Friends, for more than a year, Concilium Serve has been quietly supporting different Christian organizations working in Kurdistan.  We have been amazed at how the Lord has been using intrepid believers to minister to those who have escaped from ISIS.  For more almost two years, FBR has been ministering to the least of these who have been ravaged by Islamic terrorists.    

Concilium has been honored to play even a small role in this endeavor by supporting our Christian brothers and sisters as they serve boldly in the wonderful name of Jesus.  Make no mistake, these types of ministries are not for the faint of heart.   We are partnering with men and women who are committed to making Christ’s name famous in very dark places as they minister, encourage, and protect those most in need in the mighty name of JESUS!

In 2017, Concilium Serve continues to both foster partnerships and to seek ways to place a permanent presence in Northern Iraq to support the work. To that end, Concilium is seeking to raise $20,000 for these partnerships and provide two vital resources: qualified people, and strategic materials. Best of all, 100% of proceeds will go to support this work. 


In 2017, Concilium intends to purchase the following equipment for FBR and those Concilium sends to support their work:

  • Sleeping bags (actually the US GI Sleep System with three bags in one kit) 50 each

  • Plate Carriers (these hold the bulletproof plates to protect aid workers) 50 each

  • AED (Automatic Electric Defibrillator—a device to start someone’s heart when it stops) 2 each

  • IFAK (Individual First Aid Kits—these are first aid kits for both aid workers and soldiers to carry when on the front line) 100 each

  • Financial support in the form of project funds to offset the costs of volunteers who qualify to serve


Concilium intends to qualified volunteers who want to help in this vital ministry.  At this time, we are looking for a very specific group of men and women to volunteer.  Volunteers prerequisites include:


  • Have a tangible love Jesus, His Word, and His work in critical places. 

   Needed Skill Sets:

  • EMTs

  • Paramedics

  • Military Medics and Corpsmen

  • PAs and Doctors

  • Critical Incident Counselors and Chaplains

   Language Ability:

  • Arabic

  • Kurdish

   “Hard Skills” Including:

  • Water Hygiene, Sanitation

  • Engineers

  • Mechanics

  • Safety and Security Expertise

To Help.

God is doing an amazing work right now in Northern Iraq.  Many people have asked me how they can be involved an this is a very tangible and real way to help show the love of Jesus to people literally on the front lines of the war against terrorism.  To donate, please click the Donate button below.  

For more information on volunteering, please email

Again, I am thankful for the work of FBR and I humbly ask that you help us meet these goals!

In Christ,

Scott Brawner

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